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Clinical Research Unit ICO Hospitalet

In 1997, the ICO created the Clinical Research Unit, dedicated exclusively to the supervision and coordination of clinical research at the Institute. This unit, which reports to ICO Management, has the following objectives:

  • Cooperate independently in research involving ICO patients.
  • Give support to researchers.
  • Manage clinical trials on therapies.
  • Generate its own lines of research.
  • Actively take part in translational research programmes. Currently, work is being done in the areas of oncolytic viruses, a new drug development programme or angiogenesis.
  • Research in statistical methodology.

Human Team

Margarita Garcia Martin

Trial nurses and clinical research technicians
Carmen Cuadra
Susana Lorente
Olympia Garcia
Mónica Mansilla
Marta Pàmies
Pepi Rivera
Anna Valer

Technical Coordinator
Valentín Navarro

Biostatistics and clinical research technicians 
Xavi Pérez
Valentín Navarro
Maite Encuentra

Clinical research technician
Gema Berenguer

Dates Management
Alba García
Rubén Torres
Ma Carmen García
Ivón Fernández
Mariona Pisa
Fernando Vega 

Financial and administrative management
Cristina Feliu






Telephone: 932 607 332 / 333 / 822

Clinical Research Unit – 3rd floor, main building
ICO L’Hospitalet
Address: Av. de la Granvia de l’Hospitalet, 199-203 / 08908
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

E-mail: uicico@iconcologia.net 

Financial and administrative management and therapeutic clinical trials: cfeliu@iconcologia.net 

Update:  03.11.2011