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Cancer registry

A population-based cancer registry (PCR) systematically compiles all the new cancer cases diagnosed among the residents of a set geographical area and in a set period of time. This allows the incidence of the disease to be calculated and its progress to be monitored.

Catalonia has two registers of this nature, one of these being the Cancer Registry of Girona (Epidemiology Unit and Cancer Registry of Girona, UERCG), which is managed by the Catalan Institute of Oncology (the ICO) and by the Oncology Master Plan of the Catalan Ministry of Health. 

The UERCG collects information and epidemiologically analyses cancer incidence in the Girona region. This information is used for different purposes, and the UERCG is responsible for providing standardised data, and calculating cancer incidence and survival rates among our population. It currently has descriptive data from 1994 onwards.

This information is possible thanks to the collaboration of different information sources both inside and outside the Girona region that supply the data requested by the Register on a regular basis with high quality, and always pursuant to the rules of confidentiality required under current legislation.

The Cancer Registry of Girona applies internationally recommended quality standards and collaborates with the “Cancer Incidence in Five Continents” publication and the Eurocare project.

With the objective of expanding data and providing an overall view of the impact of cancer in the Girona region, “CanGir” has been published since 2001. This collects all the incidence, mortality and survival indicators for the Girona region.

The latest edition available presents the data corresponding to 2007, 2008 and 2009, and the projected incidence in number of cases and for different areas for 2013-2014.


Update:  15.12.2016