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Cancer Prevention and Control Program

The Cancer Prevention and Control Program aims to reduce the impact of cancer on the population. Therefore, it carries out research, assessment and interventions in matters of cancer prevention, early diagnosis and the use of health services in oncology care. It also draws up material with health information and education and offers consultancy services to institutions, professionals and associations.

The main lines of work focus on monitoring the mortality rate, incidence, risk factors and preventative activities related with cancer; the prevention of risk factors for cancer; and secondary prevention and cancer screening programmes.

The programme is structured into three large areas:

The Biomarker and Susceptibility Unit focuses its activity on translational research, biostatistics, bioinformatics and systems biology.

The Tobacco Control Unit focuses its activities on the prevention and control of tobacco consumption.

The Screening Unit focuses its activities on the design, planning, implementation and assessment of community cancer screening programmes.

Update:  02.11.2011