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The prevention and detection of adverse drug reactions (ADR) and medication errors (ME) are measures that ensure the safe use of medicines.

Hospital Pharmacy Services have an agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs so that their structure may be used to promote the development of multidisciplinary pharmacovigilance teams.


Procedure for the prevention and detection of adverse drug reactions

All inpatient care units will have print-outs to communicate a suspected ADR or ME. Any member of the healthcare team (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) who suspect an ADR or ME will fill out the form, which will serve as an alert.

In regard to ADR, the Pharmacy Unit will periodically collect the forms and will search for clinical and bibliographical information on the suspected ADR, contact the doctor in charge of the patient and then fill out an official notification form (yellow card). This card will be sent to the Autonomous Pharmacovigilance Centre. The Pharmacotherapy Committee will be informed periodically of the most serious and frequent notifications.

The Pharmacy Services will keep a complete register of all notifications sent to the Autonomous Pharmacovigilance Centre.

Update:  29.11.2011