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Guidelines and protocols


The ICO, as a centre of excellence and reference in cancer prevention, treatment, research and training, draws up different documents, guidelines and protocols for clinical practice.

Important changes are currently taking place in the world of cancer treatment, with the introduction of new drugs and new therapeutic targets. The greatest challenge today is evaluating these new technological and treatment strategies based on criteria of efficiency, in addition to a continuous effort to assess results.

One of the objectives of the ICO is to offer healthcare based on evidence, and it does so through fundamental tools such as the clinical practice guidelines (CPG). These guidelines help maintain equity of treatment among patients and constitutes a fundamental tool for discussing therapies with the patient, which enables joint decisions to be made. In our area of action, we will refer to these guidelines as the the ICO therapeutic guidelines (ICOPraxis).

The starting point for work on the ICO therapeutic guidelines are, obviously and naturally, the OncoGuies, due to the extensive involvement of ICO professionals is developing them. These guidelines will be adapted and consolidated to match the reality of the Institute, concentrating efforts on the part dealing with treatment, both pharmacological and for radiotherapy.

Update:  03.11.2011