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ICO Classroom

Sessions organized by the directorate and corporate training with the aim of discovering the latest trends, developments and / or results of studies and issues related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer , from detection to research.

These sessions are aimed at professionals in healthcare and research . Open to professionals in the field of management interested in participating. You can see the schedule Classroom ICO in the attached PDF.

ICO classroom sessions are held Monday a month, 15 : 30h to 17 : 00h in the Hall of Peace Hospital Duran i Viladiu Reynals.

Here are the ICO Classroom sessions have already been held :

ICO sessions 2018-2019

ICO sessions 2017-2018

ICO sessions 2016-2017

ICO sessions 2015-2016

ICO sessions 2014-2015

You can follow the sessions live through this page or the link:


Update:  10.10.2014

ICO Classroom session on air