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Emergency care hotline (ICO24hours)

The ICO offers a 24-hour emergency care hotline

The ICO makes a 24-hour on-call care hotline available to patients and their families (ICO24hours) in order to resolve problems or doubts related to the disease or its treatment.

This emergency care hotline will attend to all your queries and concerns at any hour of the day, any day of the year. You just have to call 902 107 433 and provide your medical history number. A doctor will be on the line to assess your case and, depending on the situation, he or she will advise you on what to do, or, if necessary, will set up an emergency consultation at the ICO.

• If you have any kind of problem or doubt, do not wait for your scheduled appointment. You may need immediate medical attention.
• You can call ICO24hours any hour of the day, and we will assist you and try to solve the problem.
• When you are given an emergency consultation:
◦ It is preferable that you come accompanied.
◦ Try to bring a list of your usual medication and all available medical reports on your illness.

Update:  12.03.2012