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Rights and obligations


Users of health services have rights, but they also have obligations of which both they themselves and the healthcare professionals treating them must be aware.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia has a charter of citizens’ rights and obligations in regard to health and healthcare. You can consult it by clicking on the link. The ICO has also compiled an extract of the text.


The professionals at the ICO place a great amount of importance on medical information. As stipulated in current legislation, the patient is the owner of his or her information and has a right to not only be informed, but also not to be informed should he or she choose, a decision of which the doctor must be informed.

As the owner of the information related to your health and its progress, you must inform your doctor of who may have access to this information, apart from yourself, to avoid conflict situations (which no one wants). Information regarding your healthcare will never be given over the phone. If you need information of a medical nature, request it from the administrative staff at the clinic.

Advanced directives

Advanced directives are instructions you give your doctor or healthcare team in which you state what type of end-of-life medical care you wish to receive and who you would like to represent you should you be unable to make decisions on matters that affect you.


Any person of legal age and in full possession of their faculties.


Personal values to help and guide doctors in making clinical decisions.

Instructions regarding that treatment and care that one wants or does not want to receive.

The decision to donate one’s organs or body.

The naming of a representative that will act as on the patient’s behalf in communicating with the healthcare team.

It is imperative that the document be drawn up with your referral doctor.

You will find further information on the subject in the attached document.

Update:  27.10.2011